5 Reasons to choose the Cherry Blossom Company for your Wedding!

We are The Cherry Blossom Company. We are a Dublin based company based in Lucan and we work all over Ireand bringing amazing Cherry Blossoms to 100’s of happy couples every year. Here are a few things you probably didnt know about us and even more reasons why you should book with us when booking your Big Day!

1: Original Design
All of our work is original and designed by us. Our products are unique and designed specifically to bring a real sense of drama to your table! Although by now you can see many cheaper imitations, almost all fall well short in quality and attention to detail. As designers we never imitate, we only innovate!

2: Price
Our price point for all of our products is kept very reasonable, we work with all of our couples to design bespoke packages that don’t put pressure on their pockets yet still manage to get spectacular results on their day. We are certainly not the cheapest on the market but as the old saying goes "You only get what you pay for!" so if it’s speechless guests & timeless memories you are looking for and not cheap, dated props then you are certainly in the right place. 

3: Delivery to 32 Counties.
Weather your celebrating your event in Dingle or Donegal, Antrim or Offaly we can deliver our fabulous products to you. There are very few places we can’t get to. Once we have due notice we can send one of our teams to wherever you need us to go. We carefully plan our schedules often leaving our new base in Lucan as early as 4am to make sure we are on site and liaising with your venue before they even begin to set out the tables. Our professional team are there and prepared with everything they need to guarantee your day goes without a hitch!

4: Floral Design Packages and Full  Wedding Theming

Did you know that we are Floral Designers? Yes we are a branch of Magic Moments Floral Design. We share the same home in Studio1 Designhaus in Lucan and have an integrated showroom. We have been designing award winning flowers for years! Our very skilled team come from all over Europe and have trained with some of the biggest names in the business. We love our team and take real pride in our brand often spending months to find the right designer to step into the team. If its flowers you need to compliment your blossom theme then you wont find a better team anywhere in the country! From Castles to Country Houses we do them all and there is no design job too big for our team! So call us today to arrange a consultation!

5: From Concept to Completion

From the moment you pick up the phone til the tables are set in yor venue we are there for you! We ignite your imagination early, we drive your vision and we guide you all the way through the styling process. We work with you right until your table plan so that at every stage of your day all of your guests are WOW’d by your vision and attention to detail. We are in your corner all the way! 

For us, our jobs are not just work they are our passion and this passioin is visible throughout all of our work. Every job is our most important and every client is our biggest. So, dont just book another vendor on a whim - make sure to book with The Cherry Blossom Company and Magic Moments Floral Design for the most memorable day of your life!

Call us today on 01 504 3044 / 085 168 1780 to book a free consultation 

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